I was born and raised near the Boston area in the USA.  My native dialect is non-regional USA however despite my roots. I deliver a variety of voices from Southern American, Boston, RP English, New York/Italian-American, Italian and the Italian language. I am also an established Blues, Pop and West End singer as my welcome page illustrates.


I have worked with various high-profile companies over the years voicing corporate projects, presentations, video games, documentaries, movie dubbs, audio books and TV trailers. I have an on-going working relationship with One-Shot Corporation and have voiced many of their promos and presentations. I am proud to have recently played the role of Antonio Foscarelli in the new audio drama, "Murder On The Orient Express" by Audible UK.


I record all of my voice-over work at my in-house recording studio unless another studio is required.  I can send final products to clients via the internet or any other method that is required.


Please click on the links above to listen to my current Voice-Over reel and Voice-Over Singing reel.



Thank you