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I was born and raised near the Boston area in the USA. I can deliver a variety of American voices from Southern US, Boston, New York City, Italian-American, Italian broken-english and the Italian language. I am also an established Blues, Pop and West End singer. Regarding this Covid crisis especially, I also have a home voice-over studio where I record a lot of my work. I recorded all of my work for One-Shot Corporation from my home studio.


"Greg has a versatile and stand out voice with a range of American accents that can be crisp and light, warm or commanding with depth and gravitas. He has a great deal of

experience voicing audio books, video games, promos, TV

trailers and documentaries. Greg is also an actor and professional

singer who excels at various vocal and musical styles. He has sung

jingles for the US market."


Please click on any of my voice reels above to listen to my work.

There are more VO clips in my personal files which I am happy to

send upon request.


 Thank you

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