Originally from the Boston area in the US, London has become my second home where for the past twenty years I have been enjoying a busy schedule filming, recording and performing live.


I have a long history in show business. I have performed in many countries as a cast member of Musicals as well as a soloist perfoming my own show. I have performed alongside well-known musicians, bands and other artists in the industry. I now perform for audiences to which at times include Royalty and celebrity VIP. You can catch me at London venues, private events and established 5-Star hotels throughout the UK.


I am equally an established actor and voice-over artist. When not performing live, chances are I am recording or filming on set somewhere in the world. I have worked closely with many film studios and producers. Some of which include:



Big Ears

Bowler Hat Ltd

Cameron Mackintosh Ltd

Channel 5


Disney Pictures

 ILC Prime

ITV Studios

Raymond Gubbay, Ltd

RSA Films UK


Rubicon TV

Sky TV

Sony Pictures

Syco Entertainment

Universal Studios

Vertigo Films


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