Originally from the Boston area in the US, London has become my second home where for the past twenty years I have been busy filming, recording and performing live.  I have been in show business my whole life.  I have had the pleasure of performing alongside recognized musicians, bands and other artists in the industry.  You can catch me on keys and vocals at venues throughout London and its surrounding areas as well as private events and established 5-Star hotels.


I am equally an established actor and voice-over artist.  When not performing live, chances are I am recording or filming on set somewhere in the world.  I have worked closely with a variety of film studios and producers.  Some of which include:



Bowler Hat Ltd

Cameron Mackintosh Ltd

Channel 5


Hallmark Channel

ILC Prime

ITV Studios

Millennium Films



Raymond Gubbay, Ltd

RSA Films UK

Rubicon TV

Sky Atlantic

Sky TV

Sony Pictures

Syco Entertainment

Universal Studios

Vertigo Films

Walt Disney Pictures

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Coworth Park, Dorchester Collection Ascot
Coworth Park, Dorchester Collection Ascot
Greg Canestrari performing at Playboy Club London - New Year's Eve 2013
New Year's Eve at Playboy Club London
Greg Canestrari performing at "Simpson's In The Strand" at London Savoy
Simpson's In The Strand at London Savoy

Private Summer Party in London
Private Summer Party in London
American Bar at London Savoy
American Bar at London Savoy