Career Highlights

 (Most recent at the top)


Greg can soon be seen on Channel 5 in the role of Alessandro Bartoli in season 2 of The Good Ship Murder with Shayne Ward and Claire Sweeney. Set to be released toward the end of 2024.


You can soon see Greg playing the role of Tim Kinsley in the new feature film The Man Who Saved The Internet with a Sunflower. Set to be released in 2024 on streaming services.



Greg recently returned from Georgia in Eastern Europe where he filmed

his supporting lead role of Padre in the new Angels Fallen sequel,

Angels Fallen 2: Warriors of Peace. Currently scheduled to be

released on streaming services in 2024.


Greg plays the supporting role of Mitch in the new Amazon Prime series The Power which premiered on 31 March 2023.


Greg played the role of Will Willis in the successful comedy sequel to Toast of London called Toast of Tinseltown airing on BBC Player in the UK.


Greg played the role of Meyer Wulfsheim in the Musical Concert Performance of "Gatsby" at The Crazy Coq inside Live at Zedel

in London.


Greg has top billing in the role of Danny Malone in a new short film,"Last Town Standing" airing now on Amazon Prime USA, UK and other countries.


Greg plays the role of Captain in the anticipated, ground-breaking and signature Sky Atlantic series "Little Birds" based on Anias Nin's erotic tales of the same name. It premiers on 4th August 2020.


Greg plays the supporting lead of Travis Ricci in

"Paris, Wine & Romance", Hallmark Entertainment's

2019 summer hit film.


Greg plays the Chief of Police in Season 2 of "Das Boot", Ep: 8

Now airing all episodes on Sky Atlantic.


Greg plays the role of Officer Cusk in "Chimerica", a four part mini-series for Channel 4 based on the hit West End play of the same name. It stars Alessandro Nivola, F. Murray Abraham and Cherry Jones.


Greg plays the role of Detective Siena in the premiere episode of the upcoming television drama "Someone You Thought You Knew". Currently airing in the US on Discovery.


Greg plays the role of Antonio Foscarelli in the original audio drama by Audible UK, "Murder On The Orient Express" starring Tom Conti, Eddie Marsan, Sophie Okonedo and other notable actors. Released on 1 November 2017.






Greg plays the role of Heckler in Walt Disney's live-action film

"Dumbo" directed by Tim Burton. It premiered in cinemas

around the world on 29 March 2019. 


Greg plays the role of Stan Laurel's lawyer in the Entertainment One and BBC feature film "Stan & Ollie" starring Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly.


Greg plays the supporting lead role of Warner Executive, Lenny Waronker in the new ITV Studios biopic "The Prince Story: Icon, Genius...Slave". AIring now throughout the US and other countries.


Greg co-starred in the role of Gregg in this Independent thriller called "Prowler". It was directed by Ignacio Maiso. Showing now on Amazon Prime and Blue Ray in the US and UK.


Greg stars in the dark role of Richard in the popular television docu-drama "'Obession: Dark Desires - S4 Ep 6: 'A Man and His Gun'". Released in April 2017 throughout the US and the world.


In 2016 Greg filmed the role of Detective Clarke Schwartzkopf in the US TV series "American Monster" Ep: 1.6 now airing throughout the USA.


Greg landed the lead role of Dr. Scott Samson in

"How Not To Kill Your Husband" Season 2 - Ep:7

"Married To Death".




Greg played Submarine XO Cohenno on board the U.S.S. Massachusetts in "24: Live Another Day". This role happily came straight after landing another role in episode 1 which was part of a whole segment discarded in the editing room.


Greg played the supporting role of Martino Marrone in Season 2 of "Transporter :The Series - Ep1: 2B or Not 2B". This role gave a nice boost to Greg's on-screen presence.




Greg played the role of 'Leading Man' in the film

"Pudsey the Dog: The Movie" produced by Vertigo Films

and Simon Cowell's Syco Entertainment.




Greg's first noticable on-screen break came when he landed the role of Jerry Delucci in the international hit TV series "Lilyhammer" Season 1 now airing with continued success around the world. Lilyhammer launched Netflix and was its very first original program.


In 2009 Greg was the lead vocalist in the hit West End show

"Latin Fever" produced by Raymond Gubbay and BBC's "Strictly Come Dancing".


Greg landed the role of Captain Schultz and first cover John in the original UK national tour of "Miss Saigon". This was the last run of Miss Saigon's original Broadway and West End production.


After moving to London from New York City Greg landed his first on-screen role as Lou Nordstein in the film "The Final Curtain" starring Peter O'toole.


In the USA Greg starred as MacHeath in "The Beggar's Opera".


Greg was part of the cast of the operatic prodution of "The Magic Flute" in Boston, Massachusetts.


Greg played the role of Major Domo in the operatic prodution of "Don Pasquale" in Boston.


Greg was part of the cast of his very first opera,

"Romeo & Juliet" which premiered in Boston in the 1990s.


Greg played Tony in this post-modern production of "West Side Story" in the USA. This came after he played Riff in the same production.




Greg had a blast playing the role of Danny in "Grease!" which toured Europe and the US.


Back in Boston, Greg received rave reviews playing the role of Cliff in "Cabaret".